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4th Max-Planck Advanced Course on the Foundations of Computer Science

September 8 - 12, 2003, Saarbrücken, Germany

Robert E. Bixby

Rice University / ILOG

Ed Rothberg


The CPLEX Library for Linear, Mixed-Integer,
and Quadratic Programming

Dan Halperin

Tel Aviv University

Arrangements and Their Applications

Bertrand Meyer

ETH Zürich / Eiffel Software / Monash

Principles of Library Design, from Reuse and
Contracts to Proofs: the Eiffel Experience

Stefan Näher

University of Trier

Design and Implementation of
Efficient Data Types for Static Graphs

ADFOCS is organized as part of the activities of the Algorithms and Complexity Group and the International Max-Planck Research School of the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik. The scope of ADFOCS is international and it is addressed mainly to young researchers at the PhD student or postdoc level. The goal of ADFOCS is to provide an overview of selected topics from the foundations of computer science and to highlight major research directions in these areas.

Here you can find a PDF-Version of the Call for Participation.

For information on previous ADFOCS summer schools see ADFOCS 00, ADFOCS 01, and ADFOCS 02.

Pictures from the excursion.

ADFOCS 2003 organized by Lutz Kettner and Peter Sanders; WWW page last updated on Friday, 12 September 2003.