FroCoS 2011

FroCoS 2011: 8th International Symposium
Frontiers of Combining Systems

Saarbrücken, Germany, October 5 - 7, 2011


  • Carlos Areces and Pascal Fontaine
    Combining theories: the Ackerman and Guarded Fragments

  • Franz Baader and Rafael Peñaloza
    On the undecidability of fuzzy Description Logics with GCIs and product t-norm

  • Marcello Bersani and Stephane Demri
    The Complexity of Reversal-Bounded Model-Checking

  • François Bobot and Andrei Paskevich
    Expressing Polymorphic Types in a Many-Sorted Language

  • Roberto Bruttomesso, Silvio Ghilardi and Silvio Ranise
    A Combination of Rewriting and Constraint Solving for the Quantifier-free Interpolation of Arrays with Integer Difference Constraints

  • Andreas Eggers, Evgeny Kruglov, Karsten Scheibler, Stefan Kupferschmid, Tino Teige and Christoph Weidenbach
    SUP(NLA) -- Combining Superposition and Non-Linear Arithmetic

  • Luis Fariñas Del Cerro and Andreas Herzig
    The modal logic of equilibrium models

  • Carsten Fuhs and Cynthia Kop
    Harnessing First Order Termination Provers Using Higher Order Dependency Pairs

  • Alberto Griggio, Quoc-Sang Phan, Roberto Sebastiani and Silvia Tomasi
    Stochastic Local Search for SMT: Combining Theory Solvers with WalkSAT

  • Florent Jacquemard, Yoshiharu Kojima and Masahiko Sakai
    Controlled Term Rewriting

  • Dejan Jovanović and Clark Barrett
    Sharing is Caring: Combination of Theories

  • Christophe Ringeissen and Valerio Senni
    Modular Termination and Combinability for Superposition Modulo Counter Arithmetic

  • Manfred Schmidt-Schauss, David Sabel and Altug Anis
    Congruence Closure of Compressed Terms in Polynomial Time

  • Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
    Generalized and Formalized Uncurrying

  • Shahab Tasharrofi and Eugenia Ternovska
    A Semantic Account for Modularity in Multi-Language Modelling of Search Problems

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