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Limited grants are available for participating in ADFOCS. Priority will be given to applications of students and young researchers from ALCOM sites.


If you wish to apply for a grant, please send the following information
  • a brief CV (name, affiliation, complete address information, age, nationality, etc.);
  • for ALCOM participants, a brief letter of recommendation from the ALCOM site coordinator at their Institute, certifying in particular their relation with the project
by fax to +49-681-9325-199 or by e-mail to Either way, please indicate as subject ``ADFOCS grant application''.


The deadline for grant applications was the same as the early registration deadline, namely August 5, 2001. If you still want to apply, you should have a good excuse.

ADFOCS 2001 organized by Hannah Bast & Berthold Vöcking; WWW page last updated on Monday, 06 August 2001.