Homepage ADFOCS 2006 7th Max-Planck Advanced Course on the Foundations of Computer Science
August 21 - August 25, 2006
Saarbrücken, Germany
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The registration fee is EUR 100 for early registration (deadline July 21, 2006) and EUR 150 for late registration (after July 21, 2006). This fee covers course material and lunches; it does not cover hotel accommodation. We will provide some grants for graduate students and young researchers.
We point out that also for participants from MPI and Saarland University the registration is compulsory. These participants are exempt from the registration fee. They choose internal for their payement method and disregard any statement concerning a registration fee.
Please follow the link for registration.

At the end of the registration we provide you the opportunity to fill out a form for your hotel reservation. Please attend that you have to print this form and to fax it to the hotel. The registration is not taken over by the MPI but we provide you assistance if needed.

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