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Travel information

ADFOCS 13 takes place at the campus of Saarland University, in the building of Max Planck Institut for Informatics (MPII) and the Computer Science Building.

Traveling to Saarbrücken

You will probably try to reach Saarbrücken by train. If you have a flight to Frankfurt, this is extremely easy. There is a train station right in the terminal building. Trains run frequently. You have to buy a ticket before you board the train, and there you can also ask which trains to take.

If you are a group of people, note that there is a special offer called "Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket" (nice week-end ticket) for sundays and saturdays. It costs 44 Euros (or 42 at the machines) and entitles up to 5 people to travel a whole day on all local trains ("S-Bahn" (S), "Regional-Express" (RE), "Regional-Bahn" (RB)). Several such connections to Saarbrücken only use such trains, so this is not a real limitation. For week days, there is a similar offer called "Quer-durchs-Land"-Ticket.

If you arrive at some other airport, things are not that simple, but still easy. From Frankfurt-Hahn, served by Ryanair and other cheap airlines, there is a quite regular bus-service. From Stuttgart, Cologne or Dortmund you would also take the train, but this might take a good three to four hours.

From Saarbrücken main train station ("Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof") to your hotel

From the train station to your hotel you can use public transport: Buses and a tramway that is called "Saarbahn".

Specific bus queries (using the names of the bus/tram stops) can be entered here (enter the name of the origin bus/tram stop in the "von" field, the destination in the "nach" field, and in the next two, date and time).

Getting to the MPII and back

Your ADFOCS name badge entitles you to free public transport in Saarbrücken from August 13 to August 17. All busses to the MPII will have "Universität" as part of their destination sign. You get off the bus at the stop "Universität Mensa". The MPI building is located on the left side a bit further down the street (Building number E1.4). You can also look at the map below. On the way back you depart from the same bus stop (other side of the road).

Campus map