Homepage ADFOCS 2005 6th Max-Planck Advanced Course on the Foundations of Computer Science
August 29 - September 2, 2005
Saarbrücken, Germany
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Registration on Monday morning

We meet for the first time on Monday morning on the ground floor of the MPI. The registration desk there will be open between 8:00 and 8:45 am. All lectures take place in room HS001 ('Hoersaal 1') of the computer-science building right next to the MPI, where we meet at 8:45 for a short welcome before the first lecture.

Accompanying literature available

For accompanying literature have a look at the abstracts of the lectures.

School dinner and excursion

The school dinner on Tuesday will take place at a restaurant with a sports field next to it. Besides eating and drinking and sitting together we plan to play some volleyball, frisbee, badminton etc. If you are interested in these sporting activities don't forget to wear adequate clothes.

For the excursion on Wednesday we plan a trip to the old castle in Kirkel where we will first do some guided hiking in the forest nearby and afterwards have a crossbow contest at the castle together with a knight-feast. For the hiking please wear sturdy shoes.

Weather forecast

For those of you who are not familiar with German temperatures. We are supposed to have summer these days, and though it does not look like that right now, the weather forecast predicts sunshine and temperatures of up to 30° celsius (86° farenheit) for the ADFOCS week.

Map and bus connections

How to reach your hotel from the train station:

In the city center there is the bus station "Rathaus". This is the main bus station where the busses depart. The "Rathaus" station is in walking distance to the train station. If you don't want to walk you can also take the tramway in front of the train station and drive two stops until you reach the stop "Johanneskirche" across the bus station "Rathaus".

From the bus stop "Rathaus" the Hotel Weller and the Youth hostel can be reached via bus number 19. For Hotel Weller you have to leave the bus at the stop "An der Trift" at the Meerwiesertalweg. For the Youth Hostel you leave the bus one stop behind at "Prinzenweiher" also at the Meerwiesertalweg.

The City Hotel is almost in walking distance from the bus stop "Rathaus". But you can also take the busses number 19 or 11 for one stop until "Haus der Zukunft".

How to reach the MPI by bus:

From Hotel Weller and the Youth Hostel you take the bus number 19. The bus station for Hotel Weller is "An der Trift" at the Meerwiesertalweg. The one for the Youth Hostel is "Prinzenweiher" also at the Meerwiesertalweg. You leave the bus at "Universität Mensa". For finding the MPI on campus have a look at the campus map below.

From the City Hotel you can either take the bus number 11 from the Richard-Wagner Strasse or bus number 19 from Dudweilerstrasse. Both bus stops are called "Haus der Zukunft". You leave the bus at "Universität Mensa". For finding the MPI on campus have a look at the campus map below.

Campus map

How to reach the city center from the MPI:

You take the busses number 11 oder 19 until the bus stop "WHB Saarcenter".


ADFOCS 2005 is organized by Martin Kutz & Nicola Wolpert. Help with local arrangements: Petra Mayer. For comments or questions send an email to adfocs[at]mpi[minus]inf[dot]mpg[dot]de.

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