Applications of Computer Vision slowly make the step towards practical use under demanding real-world conditions. This workshop attempts to bring together scientists, engineers and technical experts working at institutions of academia, government and industry and pursuing task-oriented research in Computer Vision. The goal of this workshop is to bring together international academic, industrial, and government researchers, along with local companies and to combine and exchange personal views and experience on how Computer Vision can be deployed as an operational solution, how the typical multitude of challenging requirements (accuracy, robustness, run-time) can be met and which are the primary requirements of the end-user to consider.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

• 3D modeling • Human Motion Analysis/Capture
• Augmented Reality • Biometrics
• Classification/Recognition • Document Analysis
• Face Detection • Security/Surveillance
• Face Recognition • Road/Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
• Gesture/Hand Recognition • Motion/Stereo Processing & Segmentation
• Graphics Recognition & Vectorization • Robotics Applications
• Human Motion Analysis/Capture • Industrial Inspection & Manufacturing
• Visual Navigation • Video Computing
• Image/Video Indexing and Retrieval • Medical Analysis and Display
• Scientific Imaging Applications • Real-time Tracking
• Performance Evaluation (of any vision application) • Image-based Modeling & Rendering
• Learning and self-awareness

The workshop will have max. 2-page extended abstracts with oral presentations. The workshop, in conjunction with the Industrial Exhibition of the main conference, will also provide an opportunity to demonstrate applied results and solutions of Computer Vision.

The workshop proceedings will be published on-line.