Monday, November 15 Tuesday, November 16 Wednesday, November 17 Thursday, November 18
08:30-9:15   3D Modeling of Static and Dynamic Scenes

Avideh Zahkor, UC-Berkeley
A Taxonomy of Visual Recognition

Pietro Perona, CalTech
Computing maps and tracks in human visual cortex

Brian Wandell, Stanford University
09:15-10:00   Visual 3D Modeling from Images

Marc Pollefeys, UNC-Chapel Hill
Recognition and Synthesis of Human Actions from Video

Jitendra Malik, UC-Berkeley
GPU-Based Visualization: New Approaches and Advanced Algorithms

Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart
  Calibration, Registration, Tracking Simulation and Rendering Volume Data Processing and Scientific Visualization
11:15-12:00   High-performance imaging using dense arrays of cameras and projectors

Marc Levoy, Stanford University
Pervasive Multi-Sensor Egomotion Estimation for Direct Interaction and Unstructured Robotics

Seth Teller, MIT
Video-Based Rendering

Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research
12:00-13:30 LUNCH
13:30-14:15   Estimating Surface Reflectance Properties of a Complex Scene under Natural Illumination

Paul Debevec, USC
Problems Revealed by Applications in Art History and Archaeology

Holly Rushmeier, Yale University
  Image and Video-based Modeling and Rendering Geometry Processing
15:30-16:15 16:00 Stanford Campus Tour Enhancement of Shape Perception by Surface Reflectance Transformation

Tom Malzbender, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
3D Scanning: Improving Completeness, Processing Speed and Visualization

Roberto Scopigno, IST
16:15-17:00 17:00-18:00 Registration Estimation of Indirect Physical Properties from Images

Eugene Fiume, University of Toronto
Local and Global Analysis for Point Cloud Data

Leonidas Guibas, Stanford University
19:00     Conference Dinner @ Cantor Arts Museum

Overview of the different Poster Sessions:

Poster Session 1: Calibration, Registration, Tracking

Poster Session 2: Image and Video-based Modeling and Rendering

Poster Session 3: Simulation and Rendering

Poster Session 4: Geometry Processing

Poster Session 5: Volume Data Processing and Scientific Visualization