The VMV 2004 is over! Thanks a lot for your participation!!!
See you next year!

Information on available equipment for presentations during the workshop can be found here.

Prospective attendees are invited to submit a paper up to 8 pages in final form. Only camera-ready versions will be reviewed. Accepted papers will appear in the workshop proceedings as submitted.

Authors should obtain the authors' kit (including LaTeX style file). The authors' kit provides complete information related to the submission process. It is the intention of the Committee to conduct all communication with authors electronically.

Guidelines for Authors - Authors' Kit

All contributions are published in the proceedings that will be available at the conference.

Please use the following template to prepare your paper:

Please mark that our templates were updated June, 4th. Pay attention of using the latest template for your work.


For word template users only:

Use the printer driver "PostScript" coming along with the template file and configure it in the following way: Print to a PostScript-file


What should you submit?
Please note:
Your submission should be submitted in the camera-ready version (following the template).
The PS paper size is different from the PDF paper size.
Therefore, make sure that your PS file conforms to our PS sample file.
Optionally: How should you submit your paper?

Please put both the LaTeX (or Word) file and a postscript file on our FTP server. After you have uploaded the files on our server, please write a short notification e-mail to
You should assure that the postscript file is complete. If you should use Microsoft Word, all fonts must be included into the postscript file when printing the paper to a file. Please follow the hints for creating PostScript files with Microsoft Windows at the end of this guideline. The LaTeX file (or Word Document) should be archived together with the postscript file and all the pictures using the programs "tar" and "gzip" (UNIX) or "zip" (DOS). Please name your paper "x_y" -- x_y being your first and surname separated by underscore -- and put this file in the directory /pub/vmv04/incoming of our FTP server as shown below:

> ftp

Name: anonymous Password: your e-mail address

ftp> cd /pub/incoming/vmv04
ftp> binary
ftp> put hans_mustermann.tar.gz

for author "Hans Mustermann" on UNIX like systems, or:

ftp> put

on a PC with name length restriction

ftp> bye

If you do not have access to our ftp server, please send us a floppy disk with the camera-ready hard copy of your paper. The file should follow the conventions given above.

In case your paper is accepted, please fax:
Please fax the copyright form to the following fax number: +49 681 9325-499
(Attn: Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2004, The Editors).