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The registration fee is EUR 110 for early registration (deadline June 30, 2010) and EUR 160 for late registration (after June 30, 2010). This fee covers course material, lunches, the school dinner, and the excursion; it does not cover hotel accommodation. We will provide some grants for graduate students and young researchers.
For participants from MPII and Saarland University the registration is compulsory. These participants are exempt from the registration fee. They choose internal for their payment method and disregard any statement concerning a registration fee.


Some of the material this year will be quite advanced. You will need to know the following in order to be able to follow the course:

  1. Linear programming duality.
  2. Primal-dual algorithms for max-flow and weighted bipartite matching.
  3. (Optional) You may get a head start by reading up Chapters 5 and 15 in the AGT book

Furthermore, the speakers will assume graduate level knowledge in algorithms, complexity, discrete maths, and probability theory.

The registration is closed!

The preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Please be patient if the notification of your payment is delayed, especially if you chose credit card payment. The beneficiary of any bank transfer is "Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Campus E1 4" (this information may or may not be required).


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