Joint Conference GCPR/VMV 2018 - Stuttgart, Germany - October 10-12, 2018 - University of Stuttgart

Workshop: Computer Vision Challenges in Industry

Time Slot

Tuesday afternoon: 13:30 - 16:30


Over the last years, the world-wide computer vision and machine learning community has grown significantly. Within this growing field, the academic research institutions of German-speaking countries play a substantial and still increasing role, which can be easily seen in the number of international collaborations and the number of papers in highest-ranked venues. Despite this strong competence, the participation of industrial computer vision researchers from German-speaking countries on *the* local conference in the field, the German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR), is scant.

As one consequence, the exchange between academia and industry in German-speaking countries is substantially weaker than in other countries, e.g., compared to the US. This lack of exchange happens both on the level of content (i.e., comparably few joint research projects) and on the level of personal exchange (e.g., rarely happening internships during PhDs). However, both sides would greatly benefit from an improved exchange, e.g., by having joint research projects with real-world impact, by enabling reliable career paths for students, or by drawing inspiration from regular discussions on the boundary of fundamental and applied research. This workshop tries to bridge the gap between results of basic research on computer vision and their real-world applicability with a joint exchange forum.


Alexander Freytag, Zeiss Cooperate Research
Carsten Steger, TU München, MVTec
Bodo Rosenhahn, University of Hannover


For more information please visit the workshop website.